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2018 Inner Club

The 2018 golf season is just around the corner! Now is the time to decide where you are going to play your golf this year. The Inner Club holds 10 fun and competitive  tournaments through out the golf season.

In addition, an optional Tuesday evening men’s 9 hole Twilight league and Wednesday evening women’s 9 hole Twilight league are available. Visit our Leagues Page for more information about playing opportunities.

If you want more information, our annual spring meeting will be held on Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 at 6:00PM or e-mail John Wollen 

2018 Tournament Schedule

Sunday April 22nd Opening ScrambleScramble (ABCD Teams)
Saturday May 5thBlind Draw2 Person Best Ball
Sunday May 20th Mixed ScotchScotch (Modified Alternate)
June 23rd & June 24thLewis Cup (Mem/Mem)2 Person Best Ball
Saturday July 7th The Friel CupRed, White, Blue (Best Ball)
Sunday July 29thTwisted Point QuotaPoint Quota
Aug 18th & Aug 19thThe Club ChampionshipIndividual Medal Play
Sunday September 9th4 Person Open4 Person / Best Two Balls
Saturday September 29thThe Ryder Cup2 Person / Modified Play
Saturday October 13th4-ClubIndividual / 4-Clubs Only
  • Players who are age 65 and older, have the option to play from the Senior
    Tees(Yellow), if their Age + Handicap is equal or greater then 90.
  • The Lewis Cup (Member/Member) will be played from the blue,
    white(Seniors) and red tees.
  • The Club Championship will be played from the blue, white and red tees.
    (Flights will determined the tees played)
  • All other events will be played from the white, yellow(Seniors) and red tees.